If you think England is a country where everyone has their rights and all go to bed well fed, then you are delusional. Look around you on your way to school, coming back or even travelling anywhere you see the homeless all around you. How can you think that people are going to bed well […]

A Good Man Is Hard To Find   Why do we think that the grandmother will die? This is because of how she tries to force a relationship with the misfit. This is shown in the quotes; “I now your a good man. You dont look a bit like you have common blood.” “You’ve got […]

I think the author Raymond Carter used the quote “Get in, get out. Dont linger. Go on” to show us how a short story beginning is meant to be. The quote is telling us to make it short and snappy. To reel the reader in but not too spoil the story so the reader doesnt […]

Essay Question: Summaries Cedric’s perception of the challenges he faces at MIT compared to Ballou High School There are many differences between how Ron Suskind presents the difficulties of Cedric’s education in part one and part two of his articles by using various language techniques. The author uses these language devices to add extra effect […]

Stem cells can help enhance a persons life which is why there are many people who think that it is good to research about stem cells to help provide a longer life span. People may disagree with me because there are many ethnical reasons why people think that experimenting with stem cells are bad. This […]

Both organisms are composed of cells, the basic unit of life, with each cell surrounded by a cell membrane. The biggest difference between prokaryotes and eukaryotes is that eukaryotes have a nucleus. They also have other membrane structures called organelles. Your body’s composed of trillions of cells – lots of different types of cells that […]

Specialized cells Cells may be specialized for a particular function. Their structure will allow them to carry this function out. For example a root hair cell, leaf cell, sperm cell and red blood cells are all specialized cells. This means they are specialized for a specific meaning which is why their structure is how it […]

Keeping the ball close to his legs hes dribbling down the pitch ready to take on the advancing defender hes been training ever since hes been able to walk so beating the player with a quick bit of skill wouldn’t have been too hard if he didn’t get fouled.while attempting to get back up, the […]

Omar screams with fear. He sees the drone turn to him. There was only one place to go. In this marshy terrain its hard to walk let alone run on. The hills make it even harder as the only place he can go to without falling of is in that direction. The direction of the […]

What are the main events and characters that most influence the power dynamics in the group in Lord of the Flies? To begin with one of the really important characters who influenced the power dynamics of the group in lord of the flies is Jack. Without him first of all the group of savages would […]